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Eye Exams & Glasses in Winnipeg

Our eye doctors truly cares about the health of your eyes, and offers local vision care to all your family members as if they were our own family. Our mission is to provide the highest level of preventative eye care, eye exams, emergency treatment as well as the treatment and management of ocular diseases. Crest Eyecare offers a large variety of designer glasses, stylish frames, sunglasses, and contact lenses.

Eye Exams in Winnipeg
Eye Exams & Glasses in Winnipeg
Optometrist in Winnipeg | Sunglasses
Optometrist in Winnipeg | Eye Exams
Glasses & Eye Exams in Winnipeg
Optometrist in Winnipeg | Eye Exams & Contact Lenses

Meet Our Winnipeg Optometrists

Optometrist in Winnipeg | Eye Exams Glasses
Optometrist in Winnipeg | Dr. Tola Opejin | Crest Eyecare

Dr. Louis Crust

Our Mission

To provide a professional and friendly environment where our optometrists prioritize your eye health. Our eye exams utilize the latest technologies to ensure your vision is at it's best. We strive to ensure each individual has the ability to see now and well into the future.

We Couldn't Have Said it Better
5 months ago
I use Crest Eyecare's online contact lens ordering system. It's awesome. I ordered my contacts at 2pm on May 10th, and received my contacts today (May 12)! That is fast, considering my prescription is very strong. I recommend this business.
- Isaac L.

Eye Exams & Eyewear in Winnipeg

sWe have industry-leading innovative diagnostic and imaging equipment to provide you with peace of mind that you’ll receive the best care for your eyes.

Optometrists in Winnipeg

Treat yourself (and your peepers) to the latest in fashionable eyewear. Come by to check out our newest collection of modern and vintage-style designer glasses or prescription glasses. While you’re at it, why not add a blue light filter to your glasses. Learn more about our computer glasses and how they protect your eyes and improve your sleep.

Don’t have an updated prescription? Book an eye exam today and get your personalized fitting at Crest Eyecare and experience Winnipeg‘s newest home of remarkable eyewear in person.

Optometrist in Winnipeg | Designer Frames
Our Featured Sunglasses
Designer Eyeglass Frames in

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