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Choosing Eyeglass Frames For Children in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Did you know that an estimated 20% of children need to wear glasses to reach their full potential in school and extra curricular activities? Unfortunately, it's not always easy to get your child to wear their glasses like they should. This can happen for a few reasons. If their glasses don't fit right, or your child just isn't used to them yet, their glasses could feel uncomfortable. They could feel uncool or nerdy if they don't like the style of their glasses. Or their glasses may be too fragile to fit into your child's active life.

Fortunately, our Winnipeg optical store addresses all of these concerns by offering a selection of strong, comfortable, stylish frames specially made for children. These glasses help your child see better and feel great about how they look!

How To Choose Your Child's Glasses

A Comfortable Correct Fit is Essential for Kids

When choosing the size of your child's frames, think "goldilocks." Not be too big, not too small, not too close to the cheekbone, not higher than the eyebrow and no wider than the face. Just right!

As a general rule, our eyewear team finds that smaller frames are often easier for children to wear. They're lighter, less bulky, and generally less obtrusive. Nonetheless, you should make sure that their frames are at least large enough so that your child isn't left with large blurry spots when they look to the sides, up or down.

Feeling overwhelmed and unsure about getting it right? Don't worry! Our optical team has years of experience, and can make sure your child's glasses are a perfect fit!

Make Sure The Glasses Fit The Bridge of Their Nose

Children have smaller noses and bridges than adults, so glasses that aren't designed for them are likely to be uncomfortable.

The nose support of the glasses needs to be designed to sit in the right spot on the bridge of the nose and include adequate padding for comfort. One option to further increase comfort is gel-padding.

The way the frames fit at the temples is also an important factor. Again, the rule here is "goldilocks." They shouldn't be too tight or too loose at the temples. "Just right" is the goal.

Our eyewear team is always here to make sure your child gets the right fit every time!

The Right Materials Can Make All The Difference

When it comes to materials, your child's glasses need to be able to keep up with a busy, sometimes rough-and-tumble lifestyle. Light, durable, break-resistant materials are essential. Flexible material that can bend but not break are the ideal.

Many of our frames for kids are made of titanium, since it's both a light and a strong metal. Polycarbonate lenses are a great choice for kids lenses, since these offer great impact resistance.

We also offer special sports glasses for children made of highly durable and impact-resistant materials, with temples that don't include hinges. They also come with an elastic head strap that helps make sure the glasses stay in place.

If your child is into sports, you know that many times accidental jabs, pokes, and pushes are part of the game. Fast-flying balls and swinging rackets can also pose hazards for your child’s vision and eye health.

Studies show that children are at the highest risk of injury between the ages of 5 and 14, with upwards of 30,000 sports-related eye injuries happening every year! Eye care professionals estimate that over 90% of these injuries could have been prevented with suitable eyewear.

That’s why our Winnipeg optical team offers specialty sports eyewear to suit all your child’s needs.

Our sports glasses are made of impact-resistant, scratch-resistant, and highly durable materials, with rubber padding at any point where the glasses touch your kid’s face. This allows for clear vision and maximum comfort and protection while out on the field, court, or rink.

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Include Your Child in The Process Of Choosing Their Glasses

The best way to get your child to consistently wear their glasses is by asking them to be a part of the process. As much as possible, let them have a say in the color, design, fit, and material. If your child feels like they got to choose their own glasses, there is a much higher chance they'll actually agree to wear them. When children wear their glasses, they are more successful at everything that they do, both casual activities like sports and games, and learning activities at school.

Want to know more about our children's optical? Come visit us today!